30 Teacher Hacks to Make the End of the School Year Easier

end-of-year teacher hacks

These last days of school can be difficult, but we know you’ll hang in there. To help, we collected great tips and teacher hacks to make your classroom cleaner, your students happier, and your summer a little closer. These end-of-year teacher hacks will give you more time to enjoy all those great little classroom moments that you love about teaching.

1. Because Post-Its are so simple, yet so genius.

You can also encourage your students to make their own countdown with Post-Its.

2. Because some days are too hot when you don’t have an AC.

This teacher knows how to keep her students cool!

3. Because you are NOT buying another box.

 This is roughing it!

4. Because this is a great way to capture memories.

This was for Mother’s Day, but it’s a great idea for capturing favorite lessons, subjects, and school moments.

5. Because this is going to come in handy!

If you gave this as a gift to your teacher BFF, they’d love you forever.

6. Because you might need it one day!

This teacher saves all lost lids and caps so they can find their match again one day!

7. Because a hydration station is genius!

Yes, this idea is definitely worth stealing.

8. Because you can’t take the arguing any longer.

You might as well just label them after all.

9. Because the learning is NOT over!

Put the power in their hands!

10. Because sometimes you just need to take it outside.

When you have a gorgeous day, you have to take advantage of it!

11. Because it’s a great way to keep track of classroom jobs.

You can get these name tags at the dollar store!

12. Because they should know by now.

A little reminder never hurts, though!

13. Because you wish you would’ve thought of this about seven months ago.

 “Go check the No Name board,” you’ll say.

14. Because these memories are worth capturing.

It can be a lot of work to do projects like these, but they’re definitely worth it.

15. Because you never had the time to bake anyway.

Cookie sheets make great learning tools!

16. Because you’d rather be at the beach.

This hack is all about treating yourself to make it through these last days!

17. Because you’ve tried every other way to assign partners.

 No more arguing! Just use this trick instead.

18. Because everyone’s excited for summer.

They will love watching you pop a balloon each day!

19. Because math … yeah, math.

It’s actually your trick to get them to clean the tables after, but they don’t have to know that!

20. Because it’s a good way to enforce the “no phones” rule.

All phones should have to go to “day care.”

21. Because this makes our hearts melt.

Send one home with them to use over the summer, too.

22. Because it might help you keep your sanity, which is wearing thin.

“I want the desks to stay where they are!”

23. Because it’ll add color to your learning.

 Those sight words just got more fun to practice!

24. Because we have to conserve when it’s the end of the year.

 This will help make your supplies last!

25. Because it’s better than “1-2-3, eyes on me.”

Every teacher should have one of these!

26. Because everything needs a recharge.

Give this job to one of your students to check daily.

 27. Because it keeps it all in one spot!

Those puff balls are another good dollar store buy!

28. Because it’s a good way to engage students.

Put your students in charge!

29. Because end-of-year encouragement is so valuable.

Get students to encourage each other, too.

30. Because … this … we just need more of this.

Give yourself a recharge as much as possible.

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30 Teacher Hacks to Make the End of the School Year Easier

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